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Would you join our Patreon to support Young Composers / Music Jotter?

Patreon Support  

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  1. 1. At $3 to $4 / month would you subscribe to support Young Composers? (organized competitions, Music Jotter development)

    • yes - I want to ensure you keep running competitions!
    • no
  2. 2. At $6 to $8 / month would you subscribe to support Young Composers? (all the above, plus early access to Music Jotter)

    • yes - Music Jotter has great potential, especially if integrated with Young Composers
    • no

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Young Composers is expensive to run. And Music Jotter (see trailer) is an alternate solution to the current web notation products on the market today. My standards go far beyond the web products though. If you want to learn more, just delve into my videos on Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe btw!

The main question though is this: would you support this community on a subscriber level basis? I've run Young Composers for free since I was 24 (so that is 18 years). This year, a lot of changes are happening though. We are going to add more value to this community in 2  major ways:

  1. Organized competitions that we've been experimenting with. They aren't perfectly run but we are listening to you, and will use data to improve
  2. Music Jotter integration. This is a pretty big change because I've been marketing this product outside of this community. The Music Jotter community is vastly different than Young Composers, but I've made the decision to bring these communities together by integrating this early access product with YC.

Joining Patreon means you will support the following:

  • Music Jotter development
  • A Youtube content creator. As the channel grows, we can use this to our advantage.
  • Continued efforts to organize Young Composers competitions (by recruiting judges, and organization on Discord)
  • Continued efforts to improve our general review system (by recruiting reviewers)
  • Ensure Young Composers will remain the oldest music community on the internet that is still active today (est in 1997!)

Would love to know your thoughts! Please vote 😊

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