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Nikolaos Dimopoulos - Aria Of Shadows

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Hello @Nikolaos Dimopoulos,

Welcome to the forum and thx for joining us!

For me I think the track does have some dark elements with the vocals, instrumentation, the unison and modal melody.

I think the contrast of harmony is not enough. You are having the same harmonic progression throughout the piece, and when the fast waltz appears I don't realize it since the harmonic progression is basically the same, and the melody doesn't change much, only the accompaniment is faster. The key is more or less in C Aeolian, and probably you can have some modulation. The texture can vary too as it's mostly in unision or heterophonic in the waltz. Having some homophonic texture or even some counterpoint would be great as well!

Thx for sharing! Hopefully you will also look into our other talented members' works and review them!


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13 hours ago, Nikolaos Dimopoulos said:

So you 're suggesting that I use more variations and different sections?

I think you can add different contrasting sections between the main section, but even within the main sections you can add more variations in it, for example changing the harmonic progression, the texture, having some ornaments for the melody etc.


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