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Looking for subjective opinions on an unused piece for a short film

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Up until recently I was in the process of making music for a short film. The film was about a girl who gains "superpowers" from an old tree, and with these superpowers she's able to save her dying father and the forest. When i sent them my music they immediately said that they hade chose to pursue other options with the motivation being the music was too different from what they had in mind.

I'd love to receive some basic feedback on this short piece. I'd like to know wether if it's straight scraggy or if it's alright, if there's something missing and what that could be. I'll be glad for any opinion on my work. I have some confidence in my ability to create music, but since I'm working by myself I never really have any idea what others think, so just a couple of words of opinion would make my day. Thanks 😊 

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From the exert that I heard, that could tell that this was not good match. 

1)Re imagine each instrument as each character. The tree could be mysterious. dark figure in the woods...this alludes to several possible instrumenmts: cello, basson, ect.

2) the young girl is inncoent and yet naive. So possible flute and violin. 


I think you have a good starting point, but they wanted you be programmatic and romantic.  🙂

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This is a very high quality production cue!  It's hard to tell though from such a short excerpt whether it would fit any given context.  Also - what is the style of the film?  Which scene is this for?  What is happening?  It sounds like it would serve really well as background to something though.  The music doesn't call too much attention to itself and is very good at setting a certain very delicate mood.  Also - I think this would be better suited in the "Incidental Music" section of the forum, so I'll move it there.  Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @FilipW,

Welcome to the forum!

The music itself is very romantic and lovely with that Bb Dorian, with a nice mixing of the piano and the strings. But I agree with @Kvothe that the music doesn't link with the girl gaining superpower well. For me the moment getting the superpower should be spicier and brighter with more passionate mood, for example adding more instruments or even like what @olivercomposer did in his tracks with all those brassy passages and loud volumes, with great timbre. Now I think this track will serve real good as a romantic or philosophical movie/scene, but not suitable for the superpower scene.

Thx for sharing and joining!


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