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What music would you put in your own funeral?


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I know this is a pretty odd question and just the fact of thinking what music to put in your own funeral is weird, but I wanted to ask this question.

I would bring this five pieces in this order:

- Chopin prelude in C minor 

Quite a dramatic way to start, but is a sad piece and full of beautiful contrasts

- Rachmaninov etude tableaux in g minor 

The beautiful introspective melody of this etude with The barcarolle-like accompaniment makes it very emotional. This is specially beautiful when the high chords are introduced

-Rachmaninov moment musicaux in b minor 

just by listening to the first 20 seconds of this piece you will understand why I put it here, it starts quite solemn, but then, the contrasting phrase makes you want to cry 

-Bach prelude no 4 from book one of the well tempered clavier

Obviously, played in an unorthodox way with a piano instead of a harpsichord and with some pedal, this prelude can be beautiful and suitable for a funeral

-Rachmaninov prelude in B minor  

Such a beautiful nostalgic piece, full of emotional harmonies and a powerful climax in the middle section, followed by a delicate cadenza and a “reprise” of the stillness of the beginning, and ending between major and minor 

PS: the fact that I am thinking about what music to put in my funeral doesn’t mean that I am dying, it is just a mere consequence of my boredom

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Hi @Jqh73o,

This topic is quite interesting. For me I would make the same choice as Schubert did to play Beethoven's op.131 quartet:

But I will also have the 3rd movement of the op.131 quartet played:

I may also include the 4th movement of my 2nd Piano Sonata, since @Thatguy v2.0 pointed out that the movement is quite similar to a funeral march and I think it will be a good choice to feature my own music in my own funeral:

I would also love to have my String Sextet (now only the 1st movement completed) to be the ending piece of the funeral music, hoping it will signify that my spirit is combined with the whole state of heavenly morality:


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The song I posted here is actually one I'd like played at my funeral, because I love the idea of asking the attendees of my funeral if they believe in ghosts, from beyond the grave.

I would also like to have Shostakovich's string quartet 8. I have a certain love for Shosty that is unrivaled by any other composer. 

Lastly, death and the maiden. I played it last summer, and it was transcendent, though it's been my favorite chamber work for years.

I actually have this all dictated in my will, is that weird?



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Only 3 good answers for me :


 FOR SURE, this is so emotional to me. Actually, the most emotional and sad music, in my opinion, are in a major key. 

 In solo piano pieces


I find this piece heartbreaking, like the memory of someone we just lost.

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These immediately come to mind:

This is my favourite string quartet of all time. The third movement is in the form of a funeral march, and it is followed by a cheerful finale (to me, it shouldn't all be about mourning my death, but also celebrating my life and an anticipating the joy of life beyond the grave!)

This is a really beautiful hymn that also transitions from gloom to joy.

I would love this to be included as well.

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