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Romanesca in EM


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Hello @Guillem82!

Great job with this one - I love the B section in the minor mode!  And the transition back to the A section is seamless.  This is a perfect specimen of Baroque music for the string orchestra!  I love all the melodies, harmonies and suspensions!  Very elegant!  I think I can see the romanesca pattern in the first A section with the fall from E major to B 6/3?  I am only in the middle of Gjerdingen's "Music in the Galant Style" and am no expert though.  Thanks for sharing!


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On 4/1/2024 at 4:55 AM, Luis Hernández said:

I liked this work very much.

This makes sense, considering I thought this was your piece from the title. I thought, "How come Luis isn't using chord names anymore?" 😄


Lovely piece Guillem, it's very elegant and stately as the style represents. 


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