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does ANYONE play the FRENCH HORN

Cinzia [the PIRATE]

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im 15 and i play the french horn, and have been for 7 years

right now im trying to learn Richard Strauss' Concerto #1 for horn, the 1st && 2nd movements for all-state

stick with the horn...its fun and there are so few of us!!!



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my school just did the whole Carmina Burana we had it recorded and the horns sounded like scraggy(not just me lol though i messed up on the third movement and wanted to commit suicide at the moment lol) it seemed to swell and distort the speakers and the 18th movement (went all the way up to high B) this is a valid reason i dont like to go there...............:) even though it sounds good on a good recording. Any way i love carmina burana its awesome. i tried to attach the opening movement does anyone here know wat i can do to make it work ,its in wma right now.

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Ah HA! I knew somebody HAD to have made a thread about this sometime!

I play horn, though I've only been playing for about a year. I don't have very much sheet music for horn, but I do have and play the Strauss Concerto No.1, Mozart concertos, and an adaption of Morceau de Concert by Saint-Sa

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I play horn semi-proffesionaly as I am finishing my undergraduate degree. what follows is a list of horn solos i've either played, studied, or listened to along with their respective publishers. Keep it up, it's worth every second of practice.

Grade 5

Composer Title Publisher

Beethoven, L. Sonata, Op. 17 Boosey & Hawkes

Beversdorf, T. Sonata for Horn and Piano Southern

Borodin, A. 5 Pieces from Little Suite Israeli Music

Boutry, R. Chassacor Leduc

Chabrier, E. Larghetto Salabert

Cherubini, L. 2 Sonatas IMC

Corelli, A. Sonata in F Major Ed. Musicus

Corelli, A. Sonata in D Minor Ed. Musicus

Danzi, F. Sonata, Op. 28 IMC

Dukas, P. Villanelle IMC

Handel, G.F. Sonata in F Major Israeli Music

Haydn, J. Michael Concertino per Corno Universal

Koetsier, J. Sonatina Donemus

Larrson, L.E. Concertino, Op. 45 Gehrmans

LeClerc, M. 5 Piecettes Maurer

Mozart, W.A. Concerto No. 1: 1(4) 2(4) various

Concerto No. 2: 1(5) 2(3) 3(4) various

Concerto No. 3: 1(4) 2(3) 3(4) various

Concerto No. 4: 1(6) 2(4) 3(4) various

Concert Rondo G. Schirmer

Nelhybel, V. Scherzo concertante General Music

Piatoni, L. Air de Chasse Leduc

Poulenc, F. Elegie Chester

Saint-Saens, C. Morceau de Concert Remick

Romance, Op. 67 Hamelle

Schumann, R. Fantasy Pieces Studio P/R

Senaille-Eger Allegro Spiritoso AMP

Strauss, F. Concerto: 1(5) 2(4) 3(5) Universal

Strauss, F. Theme and Variation Universal

Strauss, R. Andante, Op. posthumous Boosey & Hawkes

Strauss, R. Concerto, Op. 11: 1(5) 2(4) 3(5) IMC

Tomasi, H. Danse Profane Leduc

Vinter, G. Hunter's Moon Boosey & Hawkes

Grade 6

Bassett, L. Sonata for Horn and Piano R. King

Bitsch, M. Variations Leduc

Berge, S. Horn-Lokk Nors Musik

Bresgen, C. Konzert Gerig

Buyanovsky, V. Pieces for Horn Solo McCoy

Danzi, F. Concerto in Eb Heinrichson

Czerny, C. Andante e Polacca Doblinger

Donato, A. Sonata MPH

Dubois, P.M. Concerto Leduc

Forster, C. Concerto No. 1 in Eb G. Schirmer

Forster, C. Concerto no. 2 in Eb McCoy

Francaix, J. Divertimento Ed. Musicus

Gliere, R. Concerto IMC

Hamilton, I. Aria Schott

Hamilton, I. Sonata Notturna Schott

Haydn, F.J. Concerto No. 1 & 2 Various

Hartley, W. Sonorities 2 Presser

Heiden, B. Sonata for Horn and Piano AMP

Hermann, R. Concerto Schott

Hindermith, P. Concerto Schott

Sonate Schott

Alto Horn Sonate Schott

Jacob, G. Concerto J. Williams

Jones, W. Three Fantasies AMP

Louel, J. Invention CBDM

McCabe, J. The Goddess Trilogy Novello

Mozart, L. Concerto KaWe

Musgrave, T. Music for Horn and Piano Chester

Porter, Q. Sonata for Horn and Piano Reeves

Ott, J. Solo for Horn and Tape C. Benny

Reynolds, V. Partita Southern

Sonata Southern

Ries, Ferdinand Introduction and Rondo Music Rara

Ries, F. Sonata in F Schott

Rosetti, F.A. Concerto in Eb IMC

Concerto in D Minor Simrock

Rossini, G. Prelude, Theme et Variation G. Schirmer

Schreiter, H. Sonatine Doblinger

Schoek, O. Konzert Boosey & Hawkes

Schumann, R. Adagio and Allegro Boosey & Hawkes

Stamitz, K. Concerto in Eb Schott

Stevens, H. Sonata for Horn and Piano R. King

Strauss, R. Zweites Hornkonzert Boosey & Hawkes

Telemann, G.P. Concerto in D G. Schirmer

Weber, C.M. von Concertino IMC

Wilder, A. Sonata No. 1, 2 & 3 Fox

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I'd like to get a French horn, but I can't afford one. :sadtears:

In fact, I’d like to get one of just about every musical instrument that is played in an orchestra.

My goal is not to become a “performer” on any of them, but rather I’d just like to get a feel for them, what it’s like to physically play them, and I also just like to have instruments around to try thing on.

So far I have a piano, violin, viola, guitar, flute, clarinet, and I just ordered a pocket trumpet.

I’d like to buy an oboe, French horn, bass clarinet, and a few other instruments, but most of these are quite pricey even for the cheapest models new.

Does anyone know any place where I can buy used instruments cheap (like maybe from schools, etc.). I’m pretty handy at fixing things up and I would even consider buying broken instruments if they are repairable. I basically rebuilt all of my violins (in fact one I built from a kit). I’ve had the actions out of all my pianos and I tune and regulate them myself. I’m pretty good with mechanical things and I’m not afraid to take them apart especially if they were inexpensive to begin with. :thumbsup:

Like I say, I'm not looking to become a performer. I'd just like to learn to play scales and simple pieces on them to get a feel for the "spirit" of the different instruments.

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Wow...was that really necessary? :)

my apologies...the list started small enough, but i guess it did get a little out of hand...nonetheless, it was what he asked for, and if it helps anyone here especialy, i don't know, maybe horn players, then it was wowrth the space. but then again i guess i would be rather foolish to think that this would be a thread frequented by horn players.

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eBay instruments can be total CRAP, be careful!

That list was rather helpful, I didn't know half of those pieces!

So what are your favorites to play? Favorite concerto? Sonata? Other?

All I've ever tried playing was Strauss Concerto No.1, , Morceau de Concert (Saint-Sa

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My freakin' school band had eight horns last year, and not one of them could play horn (except me). They were all in it for marching band, and they played those cruddy turn-overs they call 'mellophones'. They didn't even want to play the actaul concert horn for concert band, it was too much trouble for them. Boo hoo.

My band director even refers to the mellophone section as 'the Frech horns'. It's belittling. I want to slap him. Those mellophone concoctions are absolute crap compared to the likeness of a real horn, and besides, the modern horn is not French, it is German. Those coiled-up natural horns from 400 years ago or however long were used by the French in hunting, but why they still call anything curved like that a French horn just bewilders me.

My school (and youth orchestra) have no double reeds. None worth mentioning, anyways. I want to play cor angl

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I saw a really nice old French Horn on eBay going for a first bid of $10.51. There was NO RESERVE! It had only 5 hours left to go on the auction.

I didn't hang around to see what it finally went for, but I'm wondering if someone stole it for about ten bucks! I should have bid on it myself!

It was well worn, and was in an old ratty case. But the seller said that it played well and didn't have any major flaws or dents. It might have been a really nice sounding horn.

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