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  2. Third time listening and I can barely type for tears!
  3. Wonderful!! I wish I could compose like this! You use the full pallete of colours of the piano to evoke beautiful imagery, or perhaps a reflection of the feelings you have in nature. Its very human.
  4. I agree with Bradley. I like the way it sounds. Maybe add a sustained, decrescendo, vibrato note at bars 56 and 57? That's the only thing I could think of to add to this delightful piece.
  5. My music portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/hiwes/sets/my-best-music-and-my-portfolio Twitter: HIWES433 Email: Niko433aclo@gmail.com I will make you a Theme song for your Video Game or anything else that you need music for. Be specific about what kind of style the music needs to be: Rock, Synth, Chill, happy, sad, or whatever you want it to be. The right music can make an emotional moment that much more emotional, a tense moment that much more tense.
  6. I would like to enter as entrant. But if there aren't enough judges I could help, but only if it's really necessary. xD Also, that short melody at the end of the post is the one we have to use for the competition, right?
  7. Hello , small piece for orchestra, with off the cuff piano . It could be nicer maybe without the middle piano . https://soundcloud.com/user-763756576/harper-concerto-3
  8. A small improvised minuet. It might be nice as a trio. ( this was improvised and would be interesting to hear lots of variations .) thank you and have a nice day
  9. Harper Minuet 3.pdf A small minuet for piano and violin. My daughter wrote this at 7 so was learning different clefs, hence soprano
  10. Continue on the melody but move to the minor is how I would do it. Especially if you don't want to wrap up your development too quick. With the melody add a G# somewhere and use that to transition to the minor. Just my advice. it sounds good so far though.
  11. This is so good it is somehow crushing.
  12. Thank you both very much for your feed back. I wonder how it sounds on a violin. I've reached out to a couple of flautist on YouTube in hope they might be interested in performing it.
  13. Yes. It took me over a year to get Feux Follets into any sort of shape but it does contain a lot of material that can be replicated elsewhere! Liszt put almost no pedal markings in and I wanted to play it that way. Most "professionals" have the pedal down the whole time blurring the harmony and detail, and making it sound more like stirring treacle than will-o-the-wisps!! But it is easier to play like that as un-smoothness gets covered up. As for hand exercises, a teacher gave me a book called 'the Cowling System'. I never looked back. Also made an octave stick. As our supermarket Tesco s
  14. I have made some more progress on that sonata of mine, but I'm stuck now as I don't know whether to stay in minor or go to major for the passage for which I have already written the violin part. I haven't put in any dynamics or slurs yet as those typically come last in my compositional process. Bar 21 is where it goes from the A section that emphasizes relative motion to the B section that emphasizes parallel motion. Bar 22 starts an Alberti bass texture. And speaking of parallel, Bar 40 is where it moves from D major to the parallel D minor. And Bar 48 is where my composer's block hit. Y
  15. Cool articulations and changes of register. I ll be happy to hear it with the cello part. Its amazing the things one can create with just two part counterpoint and its plenty of instrument combinations to explore. Keep it up @DarrenEngland!
  16. I very much like this and am excited to hear if you decide to add a cello part . it has a good sound and very listenable . i played it on violin and found it fun . thank you , after the double bar it took a turn I hoped for , very nice
  17. this piece is an improvisation and early attempt at a small concerto idea form by my daughter at 8 https://soundcloud.com/user-763756576/harper-concerto-1
  18. your actually all very talented and really have amazing ideas . i have found so many listenable pieces . we are very happy to post once we get it figured out how to navigate the site . its such a pleasure to be in a group focused on being creative
  19. @composer9feb Wow she is very talented and accomplished for a 9 year old! I hope you post more of her works in the forum!
  20. thats great advice and we will keep to that , thank you for the help paper composer . the composition was by my 9 year old daughter in the photo, it was improvised although she does write them as well, (if you would like to cover your more than welcolme ) I listened with her to the rondo on this thread . it was sophisticated and elegant , really very listenable and quite cool. a great chorus . what brought us to enjoy this forum is she has been studying galant, partimento and early/ newer classical composition since very little . this was one of the few places people enjoyed durante .
  21. Wow that is really great considering you improvised it! Just FYI - next time you post your own compositions, create your own thread since this thread is supposed to be dedicated to @Guillem82's Rondo. P.S.: Welcome to the forum!
  22. I think this is lovely , well done , here is a rondo I improvised
  23. I like this! There's some nice use of augmentation and diminution of the subject throughout! Although I do take some exception to how the subject was derived from the name (I do understand that it had to be done selectively as not all the letters of the name could have a musical meaning) since La in A would be F# (the correct syllable for F in A minor is Le which occurs later in the name but you don't use it as such). Also, you interpreted the S as So but you could also have interpreted it as Es which in European would mean Eb (although that's just an option - understandably there's many wa
  24. Yesterday
  25. Do you mean the Transcendental Etudes? If you can play any of those you're definitely a virtuoso in my book! I've played some Chopin Etudes myself but I don't use them as a warm-up! LoL The Revolutionary and the Aeolian Harp etude are among the easier ones and I've also tried my hand at the Op. 10 No. 1 Etude in C major and the "Winter Wind" Etude is probably the most difficult that I've ever tried to learn. I twiddle my thumbs and I've so far been unsuccessful at learning how to twiddle a pen/pencil between my fingers LoL...
  26. On both viola and piano I have to practice. Usually start with something relaxed I can play, then get down to it. Then end with something easy, maybe an improvisation on a lounge number (piano) or a Kinsey easy study on viola. I still practice a couple of Liszt studies (I can only play 2 adequately) to keep nimble, exercise stretch and aim. They usually tell me where I need more work. Liszt was my best piano teacher. I learned to suspend a melody in the middle using thumbs of both hands. Also those nasty arpeggii where you have to move the entire hand to change from thumb to little finger
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