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    I alredy posted the first movement last year... here is the complete piece. Unfortunately the audio is not good enough to demonstrate the piece. I am looking for guitar duo to a live performance.
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    One feels the haste a bit by those pesky spelling mistakes ("creater", "stanger" etc). To the music: Good word painting at many points. The passage following m. 40 is the strongest one, from the energetic rhythm, the good word painting and the melody. You have to watch parallel octaves, e.g. in m. 11 between alto and bass, or in m. 27 between tenor and bass. They are really awkward in vocal music and should only be used as a special feature. Also, half cadences shouldn't end on a sixth chord, because they then don't sound very cadence-like. ( e.g. m. 12) A fade-out as ending is fine, but it does come rather abrupt. Yes, an "Amen" signals already that the piece is over, but it feels like a hastened ending. That said, I really liked listening to this piece and even did so repeatedly.
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