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    You still use repeat signs, but either add text above the affected passage that says, "4X," or "repeat until directed," or something like that, or you can use a first ending bracket at the repeat sign, but instead of being marked, "1." to indicate 1st ending, it will be marked, "1., 2., 3., 4.," to indicate 4 repeats before moving on to the next section. You can also indicate different treatments for each of the repeats in text above the affected passage. For example: 1. p, 2. ff, 3. mf.... Hope that makes sense without pictures.
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    The way I've usually seen it in scores and parts is a repeat sign with 3X above it for 3 repetitions, 4X for 4 repetitions, etc. I'm not familiar with Reich's scores so I can't tell you how he does it, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if it were all written out.
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    Yeah, but those are just instincts. They don't mean anything! It's just an act of nature! That's just how we feel about it. Or at least, how most do. But how do you prove the baby is objectively more valuable than the desserts, or a falling kitten, or a plant? Show me empirical, peer-reviewed evidence that a human baby really is worth more than a tuna sandwich. You can't, because it's all just in your head! So let the babies die and grab the falling food! The only reason you might think the baby is more valuable is just because of brain chemicals! You should really sit and think about this sentence you wrote for a while, and maybe you'll come around to realizing how utterly stupid the points you're making in these threads are. If there is no greater standard to be achieved, then how can a "properly-educated" composer even exist? How can you determine what a "proper" education is? If you believe that quality is just subjective, then any kind of or no education at all are equally valid. Buddy, all of your posts here are projection. You feel this need to come into these threads and keeping asserting how "originality" and "experimentation" is so great and there is no objective higher standard because you're insecure about your own music. Which, again, I could take you maybe a bit seriously if you actually were making mind-blowing, totally different, quality music instead of living room recordings of late 90s hipster "indie" rock. It's like listening to a metal edgelord in an "...and justice for all" shirt go off about how "all that pop crap is over-produced garbage". You wouldn't seriously consider that person's opinions. You'd just be like "Yeah, ooookay man, at least I can hear the bass lol". You're really fond of the "fallacy" fallacy. Notice how you completely failed to offer an explanation as to why people prefer the works I mention? Here's an idea, since you're so into psychology, try reading this. It'll be like looking into your own soul. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10626367 It's called "The Dunning-Kruger Effect"
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    Cool then, show me, with scientific peer-reviewed literature, that "some works are really better than others." Make an actual argument based on scientific sources. That's what I expect from such a categorical claim, since it's a pretty big thing to claim as being "the truth." I think it's pretty cute you're trying to play me as a postmodern pushover, but no, on quite the contrary, I do value objective empirical evidence for things quite a lot. In fact, I value it so much that I try to keep up with the science literature on the things I want to know about. (I even posted some of it to the forum since I actually want people to read and inform themselves so they can properly argue things, it's more fun that way!) That being said, not everything can be entirely objective, which apparently is a problem to you for some mysterious reason. Argumentum ad populum. I mean, really now? That's almost highschool grade stuff. I think it's pretty hilarious you're trying to "get at me" by trash talking my music, you're going to have to do much worse than that. It's also really cute how you're like "Man I don't want to do this but you forced my hand!!!" oh please, that's really childish. You could've as well said I'm a talentless hack or an idiot or whatever other standard insults and it would've saved you the time and effort to actually listen to my music! That being said, thanks for listening and giving some feedback, I guess. In some unintentional way you actually did something nicer than you intended, which is also pretty funny. This is actually kind of amusing, if you want to keep going I'm all game. I'm also not from Germany and German is my 4th language, but hey that's neither here nor there. The glass houses quote is neat, specially since I don't live in a glass house, I live in a goddamn volcano lair for all you're concerned. Try harder, seriously. You gotta do much better than this.
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