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    Nice arrangement. If it were me I would make more use out of woods and horns for support. Notationwise: Timpani doesn't have a bracket. Bracket Glock with perc and instead of 'Perc.' Write out the instruments. You still have some layout to clean up with dynamics that are not in place and quarter rests on the two first beats. You also seem to write '1 desk' for basses where '1. desk' is much clearer. Bar numbers only go at the top staff. There are also places where instruments lack a dynamic after a long pause. You overuse the stacc-tenuto and don't seem to have any consistency in it. I would suggest to write out the actual value and choose either one of the markings. Other inconsistencies are for example the last page. You have four different dynamics going on in the last tutti bar. Pick one (and possibly one smaller for brass) and orchestrate the balance accordingly instead of relying on the instruments as faders on the mixing board. Bar 96 also shows a triple whammy of a dotted-stacc-tenuto! That'll raise questions!
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