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Found 5 results

  1. Fantasy Two -- part 1.mp3 Fantasy Two -- part 2.mp3 Przyjazna - Fantasy Two.pdf Hello all, I thought I would share my sketches of a new orchestral work, so called "Fantasy Two" for the time being, after an older work of mine titled "Fantasy" that I feel it bears similarities to. I wrote the section in the second audio file before the first, but I would like to fit it somewhere in the middle of the piece if it isn't tedious. I have definitely not polished the dynamics yet and could refine my harmonies. Any feedback on what I have so far and suggestions on what direction to take this piece in would be greatly appreciated -- I am a bit stuck. One concern I have is that I might be building too much tension and emotion too quickly. Would you agree? Thank you! ~ Gwendolyn (formerly MissCello)
  2. So, in many pieces of mine, Sonata Form or not, I have gotten stuck at the Second Theme. Same is true for this piece that I am for now calling Lost. The First Theme that I have written here can be boiled down to a few motives. Here is the theme: And the motivic breakdown: A - Half step motion B - Octave Leap C - Descending third D - Neighbor motion E - Circle of Fifths And as you can see from the picture, there is very little of the First Theme that does not correspond to the motives used and there is a lot of motivic overlap, unifying it all into 1 cohesive theme. Looking at local keys, we get Em -> Am -> C -> Em -> A, with A being the key that the Second Theme starts in. But it isn't just this piece. With many, many of my compositions, complete and incomplete, Sonata form or not, I have gotten stuck at the second theme. Somebody outside of this forum suggested that maybe what I'm currently percieving as being stuck at the second theme is just part of my compositional process. I never thought of that, but with the frequency and diversity of pieces in which it occurs, it wouldn't surprise me if it is. Sometimes it's only a few hours, sometimes it's weeks, but I often do get stuck at the second theme. Likewise, another point where I often get stuck is early on in the recapitulation, more specifically, the transition, probably for a similar reason to why I get stuck at the Second Theme. So why is it the Second Theme where I get stuck and not say midway through the Development? Is it just my compositional process? Is it boredom or overthinking(this I doubt though because it isn't like composing and music is all that I do)?
  3. So i listened to a bunch of top audiojungle artists and thought "i can do that to". Well, it didn't quite work out. While writing this piece i thought that instrumentation and arrangement worked well, but listening to it now it sounds so silly and indirect, i feel frustrated. I can't put together in my head what is actually wrong with this composition, therefore don't know how to start correcting my mistakes as a composer. I know basic music theory (triads, seventh chords, etc.), know some simple harmony rules and chord progressions (or just think i know them, listen and tell me=), but in practice it feels like i'm still having trouble putting it all together. So what flaws does this piece have and what do i need to know to move forward?
  4. What pieces have you started writing and KNOW you need to finish them!!??!!??!
  5. When I'm composing for full orchestra, I often find that I have trouble writing parts for the Woodwind section. These are some of my favorite instruments as far as their sound goes, but I just can't seem to write very "elaborate" or "high quality" sounding parts for them. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks!
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