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What is currently your favorite piece of music?


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It IS tough. Tough really to find good recordings of Ravel's piano works in general. I find the same even more true of Rachmaninov's solo piano works (there are plenty of good concerto recordings.)

J'Eux D'eau in particular is hard to find a GOOD recording. Sure, there are numerous but the amount that actually do the piece justice are clse to non-existent.

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Mahler 2! [2] - I've got to agree, Justin Tokke: words do not suffice to describe its magnitude.

However, with regards to popular music, I'd say that The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band deserves special care from anyone who is aimed at pursuing the highest achievements ever made in the history of music (being it classical or popular, which, by the way, is a mere label - an extra-musical element that can be particularly harmful if turned into prejudice). In time, I also want to make my point that, at least in the case of Sgt. Peppers, we can certainly think of a single piece of music (concept album) and not just a bunch of songs sorted in a recording.

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:O ............................

:O .............................

I hope you people realize that Beethoven himself didn't like it and never published it...

But that's just me. I wouldn't try and change your opinions.

Let's see..

As of right now, I enjoy these tunes:

Beethoven's Symphony No. 7

Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4

Schumann's Symphony No. 4

Tchaikovksy's Symphony No. 6

Bruch's Symphony No. 3

Almost all of the minor mode fugues in the WTC

Grosse Fuge

Oooh.. don't forget Brahms' 4th symphony

Clara Schumann's piano trio!

Ugh... so many that I like almost equally. But really, if you guys haven't heard any of these, you should probably check them out.

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I love Mahler's 2nd but I have such a short attention span, I cant remember the last time I listen to the whole thing through.

Shouldn't it sort of be implied that if you "love" a piece of music, you can actually get through the damned thing? :whistling:

Probably the only Mahler symphony which doesn't completely bore me.

Same here, actually. It's the only Mahler symphony I've ever actually managed to get through in one sitting.

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the Ravel Sonatine, specifically the 2nd movement.

Also, the 1st and 3rd movements of Copland's four piano blues..

The sonatina is a pretty piece of music but I find it to be rather.... shallow as far as Ravel's output goes. Pretty music but gets tiring fast. Try his Ondine. :P

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Griffes: The White Peacock (orchestrated, though the piano piece is also pretty sweet)

Omgwtflolol no wai!!!! He said Griffess!

Wow, such an under-rated composer. I'm not too much a fan of his White PEacock actually (but the last time I listened to it was when Scriabin's sonatas still sounded like dissonant white noise to me so many I should take another listen :whistling:) However, I do love his poem for flute and orchestra and his Fountains of the Acqua Paola.

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