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I'm new here but......

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Can you tell me why?

yeah sorry, was a bit grouchy the other day....


1) I cannot start a new topic..

2) mainly I dont like people posting scores/midi and there not being a direct link to the recordings...also I like links to open in a new tab and not get too far away from the origional post..

may I say that overall this is the best forum I have found, with the most constructive and talented people...I am sure that soon this will all be better than the old forum!

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We may sound like a broken record, but these issues you mention are already noted and being worked on. You cannot post a new thread in the upload forums because you're not supposed to. You upload your composition to our community network (which is called Record Hall, via the Community link up top). When you submit the work there, a discussion forum is automatically generated in our new upload forums. This forum thread is what powers the commenting system on Record Hall. Currently this automated system is not posting links back to the scores and audio, but this will be fixed. Browsing and commenting/reviewing works can be done on either Record Hall or the YC forum, although it is easier on RH right now because the lack of links you noticed. As the system is pruned and perfected, everything will seem more logical than it is right now.

For right now, if you prefer to not deal with our network system, which is still in it's beta launch, you can post your work in our Archives of the previous upload forums. These archives will be closed to new posts once the network is running flawlessly. We encourage users to try using Record Hall for now, the more feedback we receive about your experiences with it, the better would can understand how to tailor it to our user base and correct errors.

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