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Suggestion for Forum Integration

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If I may make a suggestion, I'm getting somewhat exhausted with editing my signature to include links to my works every time I upload something new or end up having to re-upload something due to some error with the site database. I'm cool with being flexible, but my angst brought me to an idea I have for site functionality I believe would be very useful.

My suggestion is basically to include an option in the upload menu to automatically add a link to the upload in a member's signature. YC already does this when creating a forum post, so I don't see how it would be terribly difficult to add the functionality to add the same link in a member's signature as well. With another year or so of learning programming, I might be able to do it myself, but I'm still too new to it to be of any real benefit. Maybe there's a way to add it with IPBoard developers.

At any rate, it would be awesome to have that option so I don't have to bounce around screens to add links to my music in my signature. I'd really like to have the option to include it in my signature when I upload. Thanks!

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