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I really like the way the files are becoming more intergrated in the site. Nice to use a google pdf viewer, and a mp3 player. (on a side note I would love if you picked a non-flash one so that I can listen to music on my ipad as well, but as I said, this is a side note )

The thing is with the new implementation the old has been moved to the archives. Unfortunately that means that some music just has been erased. Some topics I can't even find anymore.

But the topics that still exist aren't working anymore. The previous existing link between forum and music seems severed now. Do you want me to reupload? are there other ways to fix this? maybe I am missing something?

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Thanks Aniolel, it is not the most user friendly solution but a workaround nonetheless.

Another issue with the new music submission thing is I can't subscribe to it. Well. I did subscribe to receive an instant email when someone replied to a piece, but that didn't work. As I looked on the forum part of the subscription (http://forum.youngco...e-liqrat-meqor/) there was no reply, but the actual embedded page had replies.

It looks like a whole new forum thing, without the options IB had. Can this be connected, integrated?

Eventually I would like to merge now archived pieces to the new subscription page. But I tried but it didnt work yet.

I hope you find my feedback on the new system helpful.


Ah. The like-button seems to have this notification function now. Nicely integrated!

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No music has been erased, I will keep the archived database. Now when you click on a link through the archived forums, you will be taken to the appropriate page. If there are errors with this, let me know immediately, but I did some testing last week, and all links should be redirected appropriately.

The reason for these changes are to improve the user experience. My next feat is to allow youtube integration through the new media management system, and to have just one player for multimovements.

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