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What is the world coming to?


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I was just on YouTube browsing some performances of Mozart operas when I came across a film version of Die Zauberflöte made in 2006. This weird production seems to be set in trench warefare in WWI which is definitely the most obvious place to set a light-hearted singspiel about love, honesty and courage! In act 1 probably the most striking part is when The Queen of the Night appears to sing her recitive and aria, ON A TANK!!!! I mean, what is the world coming to???


Later in the film (act 1 finale) you can see how blatantly obvious it is that the director wanted this film to be as politically correct as possible by having a chorus of workers made up of both men and women from pretty much every country imaginable, getting rid of any signs of racism and sexism. But is saying this, the character of Monostatos isn't even meant to look like someone with an African background at all. I'm not saying that we are meant to be sexist and racist, but has political correctness gone too far?

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