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I've been working with Finale 2001a for about the last 8 or 9 years. Then my brother showed up with Finale 2011 for me. Of course I would like to upgrade my old files, but first I have to fix some glitches...

1) How do I get Garritan sounds to work in an older file? (When I set Finale to play through VSTs, I hear nothing).

2) How do I fix the instruments? (Even when I play the orchestral works through MIDI, I hear only a 'string orchestra', it seems to ignore woodwinds and brass).

3) How do I fix the percussion hits? (In non-pitched percussion, no matter what instrument it is, the playback shouts a whistle blow)!

I'd love to get some help from veteran users, esp. in playback issues (and Aria player). I'm a bit worried about the playback (have no problem in notation issues so far).

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I'm pretty great.

Now you could tell me how can I export the resulting rendering into a .MP3 audio file or something (it only gives me the choice of exporting into a .WAV which then doesn't work). Please. Or it would be pointless and I'd have to upload it here as a trashy MIDI once again.

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You can export as wav and then convert; I'm not sure why that's not working - unless you mean it's a computer-based issue: my computer + Finale, for some reason, puts out crappy, crappy, CRAPPY wavs, sometimes; so, what I do, is get a lead with a jack on each end, put each into a out- and input, and record in real time using Audacity, if I need to. Someone smarter and more knowledgeable may come along with all their tech know-how and tell you the real answer; but whatevs.

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