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Idea For Collaborative Work (Pair Work)


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I had this idea this morning and would like to share with everybody. Here's the thing:

- We open for subscriptions with a limited number of composers (like 10, for example);

- After the limit is reached, a neutral person (moderator/reviwer which is not participating) chose by chance (or any other criterion) pairs of composers (so, we'd have 5 pairs);

- Each pair will work toghether and compose a musical work, maybe following some rules or directions;

- After the previously specified date, all the work is posted here!

- This could also become a competition. Or not. Maybe just the collaborative work itself is enough^^.

Why this all? I believe it's a good opportunity to share knowledge with other composers, learn with each other's compositional styles, techniques and ideas.

If not by chance, pairs could be made by mixing composers with contrasting compositional styles, or with the same ones, or even by subscripton order (if we subscribe by PM to someone, no one knows who's in, nor the order).

What do you think about it?

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I've counted 5 people interested in it:

1) xiangyik
2) Austenite ( ?)
3) jrcramer ( ?)
4) Buckaroo
5) wandering genie

Is "boi4luvin" a real member? (no offense)
The ones marked with ( ?) are the one that didn't exactly stated "I want to participate", but simply demonstrated interest.


I'd like to participate too, but if I do so, I won't be able to manage the pairs. I'd make it by chance, but who'd trust me? =(
If we have all these 5 participants, I'll include myself and ask another member to arrange the pairs (by chance). If we have less than 5 (and an even number), I'll arrange it myself and won't participate.


Please, everyone mentioned here, and more interested people, state your interest so that we can start this. I'll put a deadline to subscription as January 8th. After this day, we'll have the pairs decided and start.

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It will depend on deadlines for me. When I replied to the post saying that I would like to be involved in this project, it was november. As time went by, I thought that the project would not be developed anymore... Now, though I still would love to be involved I´m facing a couple of situations. Here in Argentina is Summer and I´m leaving on Holidays next week... Also, february is a very busy month for me... I would be able to participate if it begins in march... but if it begins in an early date I´ll have to apologize as I won´t be able to get involved. :veryunsure:   I don´t want to make a compromise and then not being able to fulfill it.


Anyway, if it is not this time, maybe the next... ;)

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I am somewhat curious but the details are pretty scant.  What kind of collaboration are we talking?  Two people working on the same piece (movement)?  Or, say, one person writing a movement, another person writing a different movement--that kind of thing. 

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