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So, I got to publish some of my works here. There are still much more yet to be published, and there's also a possibility that the local music university publish it.

Anyway, they are available here:


1) Sonatinas (three sonatines for solo piano) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1400549306061


2) Prelúdio e Fugas & Tocata-fantasia (preludes and fugues, toccata-fantasy for solo piano) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1400550043092


3) Álbum para oboé (album for the oboe: 6 solos, 2 duets and 1 trio in three movements) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1394210275884


4) Peças e Bagatelas (6 pieces and 6 bagatels for solo piano) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1394209357084


5) Rapsódia Oriental (oriental rhapsody in 2 movements for chamber -group) http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1391725247012


6) Seis Suítes (Six suites for recorder duet) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1389977922761


7) Pequena Suíte Romântica (Little romantic suite for solo piano) - http://www.perse.com.br/novoprojetoperse/WF2_BookDetails.aspx?filesFolder=N1385394481367


I know it's unlikely for you guys to buy it (because it would have to come from Brazil, because the website is in portuguese, because hey! I can see many of these scores here for free!!), but I would like to share this with you all. It is a good step for me, as some people are getting to recognize me as a composer here in my city.^^

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