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Harpsichord Concerto in C minor (complete)

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Interesting new format for the forums....

I've posted this awhile back, but it remains one of my better works, I think.  It's a harpsichord concerto in the Baroque style, though incorporating my own idiosyncrasies within it.  I initially transcribed a movement of an older piece for violin duet (the last movement) as a harpsichord concerto movement and liked the result so I composed two new movements to go with it.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Very enjoyable piece. I thought the way you wrote and structured this piece, it was more early Classical (i.e.. CPE and JC Bach) with Baroque elements than straight up Baroque. The ending of the first and third movements felt a little sudden and wonky. Also I feel like the 3rd movement sounds like a continuation of the 1st rather than a separate entity. I think it would've been more effective to have a different character in the movement (something in 6/8, like a jig, was the "it" thing in those times). 

Another complaint that I have is that the accompaniment is too heavy, especially when they're holding out those chords. This maybe due to the audio rendering, but the harpsichord isn't a loud instrument to begin with, so it MIGHT be an issue in a live performance.

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11 minutes ago, Ken320 said:

Are you allowed to upload scores with this new format?

Yes. I uploaded my own Emma Overture's one without issue.

As for Bkho's work, I quite agree with both Ken320 and Danishali. It seems you're at ease in counterpoint, yet I'm somewhat missing something akin to a jig in the last movement. When I listen to Baroque-ish music, I tend to have a few difficults due to the lack of contrasts and varied textures, so the music eventually blurs into the background, and I find myself mixing up things. This seems to be the main issue with your third movement, as Danish points out - but fortunately we've come a long way since then, and you have a few subtle tricks available on your sleeve to push back that impression. Well done!

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