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Hello all,

This is a small piece in Irish Gaelic from the 18th century (hence the Baroque tag) - the poem is a dialogue between the poet (tenor) and a priest (bass) on the subject of death and godly punishment (or forgiveness) after death.

It's scored for one flute, one piano, two soloists and a cello as well as a choir with 2-3 singers per voice.

Any advice is welcome, particularly on technicalities on the Cello.






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With this new system, some not commented works appear suddenly. Good!

This piece doesn't deserve it. First of all, the combination of instruments is a bit strange. The cello is nice as a bass support. But the flute, except in the parts when the singers are quiet, remains a bit obscured. It's a pitty (as always happens) that vocal scores don't stand out with the emulators, but at least we get the idea.

I enjoyed your music.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment! 

I agree with the fact that the flute sometimes is obscured in the tutti, but on the other hand, I wanted to keep its tone colour in solo passages. 

Within the next few days I normally will be discussing the piece with my teacher, and if everything goes well I should be able to perform it at the Christmas concert at my school - a corrected and bettered version :)

Thanks for your opinion!

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