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It's You I Adore - An Original Lullaby

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This is a lullaby I wrote a while back that I recorded and performed myself granted I am not a concert pianist :P

I feel it sounds similar to maybe Dave Grusin or something of that sort other than being a lullaby.

It's You I Adore.mp3

My personal criticisms:

  • Maybe too many block chords
  • Overusing the pedal, however it does enforce that soothing feel.
  • Maybe too slow however yet again it reinforces the form of the lullaby.

Now for your feedback and listening :)



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I also like it.

I don't mind the pedal.

I agree with you that there are too many block chords. I would have changed the rhythm in the repetition of the first part.

On the other hand, the second part is also beautiful (from 2:47 on) and the pedal note is quite interesting.

In 1.29, more or less, there is an odd dissonance, I don't know if it is on purpose; it is not strange by itself but because of the omnipresent tonal enviroment of the piece.

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Thank you guys so much for the feedback and criticism of the piece! With regards to Luis, the odd dissonance created at 1:29 is not a performance mistake, I wrote that dissonance as a part of the melody the melody is actually based around many retardations and suspensions with the 9-1 and 9-3 suspensions/retardations being most prominent therefore the dissonance by design is a b9-1 suspension which I know to classical musicians is very dissonant. Basically the idea was to dial the tension up at that point and to create melodic variety. Thanks so much yet again for the feedback!

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