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Into Slumber


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   I've had this lying around for some time. My intention was for it to be an intro track to a full album/ep that revolves around sleep, but I've been completely stuck ever since, floundering for a sound that both follows this track organically enough while also being at once appropriately surreal given the founding concept and sporting some literal value for storytelling purposes. So while I'm racking my head for the solution to this little conundrum, I figure I may as well have you guys confirm that this track is actually as strong and memorable as I've been assuming, or if it's boring and embarrassingly over-simplistic/ amateur. Or somewhere in between. Thanks.

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I love the material in here. Your mixing and use of sounds to build the atmosphere really show off your strengths.

The only thing I'd say is that if you're looking to use it as basis for expansion, you may consider revising the existing material to include more "texture" for you to work with (i.e. arpeggiated or pulsed harmonies, rhythmic motifs, etc.). Your harmony and melody are satisfyingly ethereal, especially if it's meant to introduce an album. If you're stuck, fool around with the textures like I said, and see where that takes you. You don't always have to like what you're writing in the moment you're writing it, but don't delete it and sometimes you'll be (pleasantly) surprised when you return to it later.

Hope this helps, and would love to hear the finished product someday!

Gustav Johnson

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Hm, it definitely is a little simplistic, but I think it's more execution based things I had some issues with. I'm assuming this is supposed to be relatively relaxing, right? I was a little jarred by how your melody starts in thirds than goes up by parallel 4ths, but maybe that's just me. You nailed the atmosphere here, I think. The soprano whatever-it-was was a pretty nice addition, but maybe you could have added some more harmony to make its notes stand out a little more? Pretty good work.

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