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This is something for a project a friend and I are working on. I don't have all the film yet, but I've written out the themes and titles for the film. This is the "turning point" of the villain in the film, where he unleashes and lets loose. Since I don't have all the film, I haven't quite finished the track, but some feedback and thoughts would be nice. Mixing isn't my strong point, but let me know what you like and what I could do better!

Thanks, y'all.

Gustav Johnson

p.s. The inspiration for this one came from a friend's bed-frame which produced 2 distinct pitches, so never stop looking for inspiration in the weird stuff!

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Hm... this sounded a lot more like a "the hero rushes to save someone" just because of its relatively slower and energetic tone rather than a strictly urgent one. But you know the film! :D
Anyway, I'd say it's pretty good. I would have maybe added the drum beat from the beginning at the end because it would give audiences that "familiar" sense that we aim for sometimes. Interesting stuff.

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