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chopin    45

I would like to use this thread as an official introduction to our new software, which I am calling Music Jotter.  If you are interested in this development, here are some links:

If you have any questions about the product, please post them here.  I also am looking for a list of serious beta testers to test drive Music Jotter, to help find bugs and issues.  Let me warn you, there will be bugs as this is a very complex software.  But with your help and cooperation, I can fix a lot of these issues as they arise.  As far as beta testers, I will only select individuals who are relatively active in this forum.  So if you want to test this product, your participation on this forum would be required to be considered.

The cost of this product has not been determined, but it will cost at least $100.  I can't imagine pricing Music Jotter over $200, since my goal is to have as many people use the product for collaboration purposes.  But nothing is set in stone at this time.

Loyal members to Young Composers who make and continue to make contributions to the site will get this product for free if interested.

If you've missed it, you can watch a rudimentary demo here:


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chopin    45

This will not be available for the Mac initially.  I thought about spending another year to code this for the Mac, but I'd rather see if Music Jotter will be successful as a Windows product first, before jumping the gun too much.

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