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Sketch No. 107


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Sketch No. 107.mp3 (The player seems to be malfunctioning for the post)

Hi. I just thought this would be fun to post. Had to compose and perform graphic scores a while back and this is the sight-reading attempt people had on mine. It was performed by baritone saxophone, violin, piano, and tenor voice, but not written for them. 14666234_1822905827981307_476459545908304138_n.jpg

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I think it was an intense feeling to listen to. Best way I can describe this is like a disco ball which has many colors and spins around consistently. If you stand and stare at it long enough you can get lost in a world with many colors, images, and sounds; almost as if you're in a hypnotized state.

It was strange, creepy, sad, happy, heart throbbing, mind confusing all at once. It is hard to describe but since that was largely intended it was done well for that purpose alone.

I guess my only con would be the vocal noise in the background during certain times which was kind of uncomfortable at first but as I said the longer you stare at the disco ball and get lost in this strange place the more you will understand why it belongs.

This reminds me of the animated film Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, just due to the fact of the many strange elements.

Good stuff. And I love Spirited Away because it is different so that, to me, is a compliment.

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