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Mystic Lands for mixed quartet


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Hi everyone! Here's my piece for flute, violin, cello, and piano, called "Mystic Lands". It's a rondo, but when the A section returns, the instrumentation, harmony, and accompaniment are changed. I also wrote it for a class, so I had to use different harmonic techniques for each section:

-For the opening section, I used static harmony/pedal tones.

-Letter A uses polychords with major and minor triads.

-Letter B uses added note chords.

-Letter C uses polychords consisting of seventh chords, quartal structures, quintal structures, and clusters.

-Letter D uses compound chords (meaning various intervals are combined to create a non-tertian voicing).

Hope you all enjoy!

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It's a shame your sounds didn't help you out very much with this one... I feel like I need a better sonic representation of it.
In terms of fulfilling your class's requirements I think you did on okay job at that. 
For section A: You use the polychords but I'm not sure if I see the function of them sometimes. They don't transition out of each other sometimes and interfere with previous chord sections.
For section B: I feel like sometimes the "added"-ness of some of the tones in the higher voices can be written off as non-harmonic tones since many don't linger.
For section C: Some of my criticisms for section A come back, but it was handled better.
Interesting work; cheers.

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