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Seasons (short orchestral piece)

Aria Donn

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0:35, parallel fourths are awkward.
0:39, suspension resolves poorly.
0:53, could tell what was happening.
2:06, awkward resolution of the melody.
2:48, no resolution.

It's pleasant, just... I really don't get drawn in for some reason. A lot of the same with some variation, is what I heard.
Technically those are all issues from your friend's piece; the bouncing horns may go on for a little bit too long, but I think your arrangement was generally okay. 

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This indeed sounds very pleasant though I feel as though some parts come in very suddenly and out of nowhere like at 1:19.

I was left wanting more out of the ending (And trust me I have issues with my own endings lol) as it just ends without giving me a satisfying feeling.

Overall, it sounds good as far as the arrangements and sound quality.

Nice work!

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