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A Star's Descent

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I made this track for a spacey sorta album thing I'm working on. I thought I'd use it as the first introduction piece of the album so i wanted it to create the setting of space - vast emptiness and openness. The album is based on the gravitational waves recently discovered so the voice at the end is meant to provide some background. Let me know what you think and feedback would be cool too :)

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The introduction of the piano notes is awkward because the audience here's the pedal note D as a rhythm, not just an effect, but it gets better after that.
The lead into the first big string chord is not enough. No jumps, especially with this theme.
Be careful of having too much going on in the section after that. It's very cluttered with tones that don't really line up. 
The voice introduction and the exit were very nice, though.


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