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Hi, my name is Ramón E. and I'm a beginner composer, also new to this forum.
This is a short piece I wrote for a friend back in November, I want to know what you guys think. :happy:

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This doesn't sound like the work of a beginner to me, it's a very rich little piece, I like it a lot, the only complaint I have is that it's too short, I wanted to hear more, that and the fact that the score didn't open for me.  I do think that, if you wanted, there is much here to develop into a fuller work, but as is it, it's a lovely little thing lol.

Best regards


Ahhhh, just had a second look and the score opened fine this time.:grin:

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Interesting work! Reminds me of the very first romanticism, i.e. Onlsow, Hummel... 

It lacks a definite melodic direction but it's very well conceived harmonically, and grows after the first listen.

I appreciated the score quality: which software did you use? And which fonts (both text and music)?

Greetings and compliments!


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Great piece!

1) where did you get that beautiful font from!! BEAUTIFUL

2) STRONGLY disagree with measure 21-22.  How about making that sextuplet a quintuplet.  This way, you'll have the C's in both hand on the down beat.  The performer could then stretch the time for that breath you were looking for

3)  Are you sure about those repeating D4 in measure 5?

4) You have grace notes with mordents/gruppetos and 32nd notes.   That's notation overkill. I'd suggest pick one and stick it out.

5) Measure 22 should be written "subito f" 

6) How about adding a C2 and G2 on the last chord?

7) Typesetting/Publishing note: Don't just put Roman numerals on the footer.  Always precede it with the copyright symbol. (c) or © . Then place all contact there and who the copyright information belongs to.  ©MMXVI Ramon E Valdez.


Once again, great composition. Post more.  How about a Recapitulation with some edits to make it full sonata form?

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Thank you all for your comments !  I really appreciate them, like I said I'm kinda beginning there's still much to improve. I've been studying composition officially since a year and a half ago, but I've been dabbling in composition since I began taking piano lessons at the time I was about 10 years old. 

I used finale 2014, but the piano sound is actually a pianoteq demo version. The music font is Gutenberg for finale, I found it for free on elbsound.studio, and the text font I think Strassburg Fraktur on dafont, also free. Used it because it was a gift and I wanted the score to look more gift-like(?) xP

Thanks especially maestrowick for your suggestions 2) yes, I see how a quintuplet would feel more natural.

3) you're right, I'm not sure about the repeating d's in m. 5, but I can't seem to come up with a better idea.

4)This, I don't know what you mean could you clarify ?

5) yes, subito f

6) good idea !

7) you're right also

Although I don't see myself necessarily expanding the piece, I'll surely fix some of the things pointed out. But I'm definitely posting soon when I finish a new piece, thanks aagain for your comments finding out about this forum has been amazing :grin:

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