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Ruth and Boaz (for Concert Band)

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A Piece I wrote for band

This piece is based upon the writings of the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. This story of love starts off with Naomi saddened by the death of her husband, and then the sudden death of her sons.  The lady Ruth stays by her mother-in-law‘s side as she goes to work.  She then meets the handsome Boaz (measure 59) and they immediately fall in love.    However, they cannot be wed because according to tradition, she must be married to the kinsman-redeemer (this is the next of kin.)  
      Boaz makes an announcement (measure 97) in front of the council that the kinsman-redeemer shall receive the property of Emiloech (Ruth’s late husband.)   He quickly accepts until he realizes that he must marry Ruth and hastily rejects.  The estate of Emilech is then transferred to Boaz (measure 131) who in return claims Ruth as his wife (measure 157.)
 Why write about the Book of Ruth?  This very small book in length seems unimportant; however, these two people are the ancestors of the great King David!

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Another pleasant work. Your harmonies always amaze me.
m. 112, crossed voices.
Not a lot of counterpoint in the bigger sections, which is a bit of a shame considering all the harmonic development that goes on there.
The rhythmic theme from m. 93, I think, was severely underused and could have served the basis for a new section, just like the falling rhythm did in the beginning. 
That's the other thing, it's just too short for me to convey all of that exposition. But I love taking musical time in places, so maybe that's just me.

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I've been listening to this for a couple of days before I gave any feedback.

Your instrumentation is awesome--the instruments are really playing up to their strengths. I also see some room for breathing or expansion, it might be nice to hear how this piece would grow and develop if it was longer. What I hear, I like, and wish I heard more.

Excellent work :)

Gustav Johnson

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