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Fugue in D minor on the name 'María Oddný Sigurðardóttir'


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There's not much to say about this piece, it is a three-part fugue with modest pretensions in that sweetest of keys, D minor. Like my canons the primary material is derived from encoded names in mod-7 form with free accidentals.

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I have little to say in terms of notes since it's largely aleatoric in that way (apart from a few dissonant modulations I can accept as part of the craft), but the first and second layers could maybe be a bit more clear in some parts. Stuff starting m. 35, for example. 
Good stuff.

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For me the piece gives the following experiences to me:

Nice theme, especially the first two bars.
I like that the theme is quite open. During the piece this ''openness'' makes place for richness (until m.30).
Then the open theme is coming back, but then higher and with another high voice, which makes the theme even more open and light.
After this the richness returns by lower voices and richer harmony. The piece ends heavy and strong.

Well done!


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