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What The Hubble Telescope Sees


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This music was made using Granular Synthesis, a technique developed at IRCAM, in Paris. It's a method of manipulating audio samples. You could think of it as a microscope that focuses on minute grains of audio, in this case, trumpets. So the sounds rendered are basically defined by how you move and focus the microscope around in the audio. There are other techniques used here as well, like Sampling, Formant Filtering (for choir sounds), Subtractive Waveform Synthesis and good old fashioned overdubbing. Happy star gazing :thumbsup:


Images courtesy of Spacetelescope.org


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I guess I was prepared for your discomfort on the high strings. I have some hearing loss in the upper frequencies and sometimes I over compensate. Many times I ask people, You don't think it's too strident, do you? But those strings are totally synthetic,not sampled, and to get them to sound real you have to fool the ear with a piercing quality. I was trying to replicate Vangelis's Yamaha CS-80 that he used on Bladerunner. Ha! Replicate the synthetic music for a film about Replicants. Thanks for your thoughts.

Lius, I guess there are no too many gear heads on this site, but I put it out there in case there are. :grin:

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