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Ride On-from the new musical, Jesse James: Dead or Alive


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I'm just going to agree with Gustav, but would like to add rhythm to the mix. I don't know if this is the actual instrumentation or a reduction of some sort but it's very clichéd in the ostinatos and relation to the melody... Big Fish the musical uses this stuff way too much and you might not want to join it. Maybe in a full score it holds itself better, but I think it should probably be a bit more stylized. 

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This is a good "statement" song. Your best achievements are your creation of a strong melody, an infectious rhythm and belting opportunities.

Your harmony is very static and repetitive, although I love how you've created many opportunities for a talented tenor to really use his voice. There was a point going into the 2nd verse (1:06) that I was thinking could have used a key change to build drama but the vocal line took him way above the staff and I realized, "Oh, that's what he was planning!". I was surprised to hear the vocal line riff a little bit but that built the drama just as well as going crazy with key changes and sudden changes. Sometimes restraint pays off, especially with a gifted technical singer. Good work!

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The song is vey good..  strong melody.  As a piano/voice version it stands..  Monarcheon's comments about some different piano, could make it stronger.  I know musical's (music) is judged differently from other fuller arranged material..  I think fleshed out with some other instrument/parts would really take it over the talk.. (but I understand the budget's of musicals), the scope they can afford to be..  Still, it is well written, melody, lyrics, chords.. 

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