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Hi everybody,

This is my latest composition made for the Harmonic Extensions adv. assignment by @Monarcheon. Tonal music worked the best and when I read the assignment I immediately thought about sonata form. I noted in the score where I have applied the three new ways of harmonic extensions.

Actually I don't really like the music itself, because it sometimes sounds so Beethoven or Mozart-like and sometimes it sounds like later 1850 music.

Please tell me what you think. Feedback would be very appreciated!


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Your saturation was really awesome and it achieved what I hoped for; a modulation to F and it sounded really fluid and natural good job with that.
Your modulations were good, definitely, but remember that direct modulations don't really have any relevance to the key it just left from. At 61, that's just a parallel modulation. 77's was kind of the same, it even had help with a V chord in the bass. So they sounded great, but weren't necessarily direct. I will definitely say that they were phrase modulations on the most part, though, which is good! 47's was a good use of direct, I think.
I think you may have misunderstood reharmonization a little bit. It means you take the same melody in the same key and just change the chords under it, to modulate or just sound strange. I think you straight up just changed the key, which is awesome, but not exactly reharmonization in the old style sense. 

General comment: at the end, I don't think we need 3 tonic chords. Up to you. 

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