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Dreamality (2).mp3Dreamality is a combination of dreams and reality put together. Based off of the themes: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Brahm's Lullaby", Dreamality shows the process of leaving your perfect dreamworld and settling back into the real one.


Please do give me some feedback if you can, I always take every comment seriously so that I can better my compositions.


Greg. C.

Edited by Gregory Carnage
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4 hours ago, Monarcheon said:

Do you have a score for this? The wind timbres are kind of hard to hear.
From what I here, it's pretty well done, but I know I heard a couple weird chords I can't quite pin down accurately. Isn't the major scale so nice to write in? :happy:
Hope to hear back from you.


To Monarcheon

I put the score there; I tried to make an implication that "dream world" is major and "reality" is minor. The idea here is to combine both.

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I like the color, it's a good soundscape. I'd challenge you to find ways to develop this further in terms of harmony and counterpoint, to really mash things up. Go big! There are a few moments when things take me places and I enjoy it, and then there are moments when it falters. Even in the still moments need a sense of purpose and direction. Good writing!

Gustav Johnson

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