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Hey all,

I've been listening to Explosions in the Sky and other "post rock" groups lately. I love the style and the sound and tried my hand at a little bit of it. This is a short transitional piece falling between two larger pieces. What do you think of the sounds and finished audio quality? What mistakes did I make?


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When the electric guitar comes in, it's too quiet, I think, though the sound itself is nice. In fact, all the "melody" lines in that section should be louder compared to the bassline, just since the line is repeated so often.
In the beginning, your F+M7 chord could use a little bit of love more often too.
Musically, I would have liked to hear the A major chords in the very beginning on an inversion other than the 2nd sometimes, but I understand your logic.
I think the sounds were generally great! The ocean sounded a little bit unconvincing at first... I thought it was recording static for a second, but it settled in eventually.

It's really nice. Play around with it some more!

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Thanks! When I did my first few listens everything was balanced the way I wanted it. Since then I've listened to it on speakers and other headphones and have discovered that my headphones give a distorted picture of my sound - they amplify certain spectrums and reduce others. I'll need to invest in a new set of headphones or speakers to see if I can fix that. Thanks, glad you liked the quality of sounds, and thanks for the tips about the composition itself :)

Gustav Johnson

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