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Cowbowz meet Robotz

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Howdy y'all!

(Seemed an appropriate salutation given the title.... ahem.)

Audacity is a free sound editing platform. It's VERY basic, just allowing for pitch change/time change, cutting/pasting, basic effects (reverb, delay, distortion, etc.), and generating static sin/saw/square tones and the like. I can't input pitches of a given sound as with most DAW's.

I found a tool that allows me to input numbers and it returns the corresponding dial "beep" a-la telephone. I generated some saw tones and worked them into a bassline, then put some electric guitar on top - using only my built in microphone (don't own an external mic).

The introduction is a tone I pitch shifted up with reverb I pitch shifted back down.

I'm enjoying doing this kind of thing, it allows for a lot of freedom.

Let me know thoughts about any part of it!


Gustav Johnson

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Quite an interesting abstract track.

It almost makes me think of something you'd hear in an episode of "The Mighty Boosh" (an abstract British comedy if you've never heard of it).

The electric guitar sounds great given you used a built-in mic too! 

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Very nice!

I like the rhythm of the ''beep'' à la telephone, which is a perfect description of the sound, though. Haha!
All sounds are very different, but they still blend together in a smooth way.
Could you tell us the story behind the music? The title makes me curious!

For me the piece does not sound finished yet. Please extend it, although it may be a hard task to not let the audience become bored.
Variation is the key; in sound, in rhythm, in orchestration etc.

Well done!


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Thanks Maarten :) There wasn't a story until I finished it, at which point some of the guitar sounds reminded me of Gritty Western Cowboy style sounds. I'll see what I can do for extending it, though, but no promises. Audacity is a little cumbersome to work with and I would probably need to recreate much of this from scratch just to get it back before elaborating. Free software does have its limitations :/

Gustav Johnson

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