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Have you tried Dorico?

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I did 't know where to post this....

Well, that's the question: Dorico by Steingberg.

I downloaded the trial version, which is full functional for a month. I was determined to work a bit with it, and I watched several tutorials on youtube.

At first, it was a mess because the shortcuts are different depending on the language you select. So, many things the tutorials said are useless in Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

I think Dorico needs to improve a lot, or incorporate lacking functions at the moment.

However, I'm impressed how quickly I could write a score (in 1 day). And some things that are a nightmare in Finale, in Dorico are easy: non standard key signatures, complex tuplets and similar, chord notation, ...

And one important issue: Finale manage very badly audio export. I've been using Finale for some years and from Finale 14 version the audio sounds with noises, clics, scratches and everything. I costs a los to get a clean audio. This is something that happens to many people (I read it in the Makemusic forum), but no solución has been given.

With Dorico, this problem has dissappeared.

Now I'm in "standby". My iMac has "died" after 8 years... Fixing it would cost a lot. So I'm waiting for a new one.

But I am considering a change to Dórico, since I could buy it with cross-grade + educacional discount....

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I will be seriously considering it in the near future. I use Sibelius 7.1 and won't upgrade because they now have a subsription system. So I'm stuck on that version and it won't work forever. But the design team that wrote Sibelius also wrote Dorico, so they have a lot of accumulated experience and I'm sure Dorico will only get better.

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