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Eclipsed [String Quintet]{f# minor}


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This piece here, despite the timing and the name of the piece, has nothing to do with the solar Eclipse this year. This piece was actually written back in 2012, and I've recently remastered it. It was wrote back when I was still very much into the ponies, and was actually inspired by Luna. The intro is meant to be grand, and fade into a sense of regalness while still keeping a dark undertone, signifying Luna's dark past. This piece starts off in f# minor, and then hits a mood change and goes to A Major in measure 82 until the last segment of the piece which is a modified version of the melody used from the center. This will be track number 8 on "Dust of the Past" when it is released.

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The final sensation is good and I see it had lot of good work.

My main concern is counterpoint. I think a set of soloist instruments like this (quartets, quintets, etc...) must have counterpoint development. OK, perhaps not all the time, but in this piece it seems to be a leader melodic instrument (which switches from one to another) and the rest are in background (very good, indeed). But two complementary melodies at some point would make it better, in my opinion.


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In the beginning, a big, early on chord on the tonic is kind of strange... something feeling that final in the beginning is typically kind of frowned upon. Not sure if it worked here.
Another thing I hear here is an aversion of leaving your tonic or II very much, with exception of things being unison, which is a shame because the writing itself is pretty good. It's just kind of an unavoidable feeling not being taken anywhere harmonically.
Also, you cannot continue to notate your hemiolas with dotted rhythms. Using duplets or a separate time signature for different instruments will look a lot more official and professional.
You can also just use more dynamic markings too; since you do use them in your piece, the performer assumes you want terraced dynamics unless otherwise notated, which I'm not sure you really want all of the time.

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