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Hi all, I had this idea for piano but wound up trying to orchestrate it over the past few days. I'm open to any suggestions and comments. Also, a question: saving MIDI out of Finale has been sounding terrible lately. The instruments all sound terrible and cheap. AND as you'll year, some of them have the piano sound swapped out for their normal sound. I am at a loss for what to do. I can save it as a WAV file which works well but I can't share WAV's on this site. I did not have this problem with it before so I was wondering if anyone knew if it's some sort of glitch that can happen in the software. Whatever is causing this, it's extremely annoying and it definitely detracts from the experience of listening to it.


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Audio quality aside, this seems to be a very harmonically and short-term structurally episodic piece, as in progressions begin and end in one part, then move on. There's a lot of good here, but that flow really needs to be in tact for that experience to weigh in.
The other thing is orchestration. Some things in the beginning seem to be doing that thing where all the parts should be doing something interesting instead of homophonically layering parts, and near the end, (aside from the sound) I wouldn't get too much impact because of a kind of restricted range sense and lack of force on some key moments, which could be remedied by flow. Newer composers are taught to make sure everything works vertically so much that they miss how things work horizontally. When revisiting, keep that in mind.

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Good job overall. I think the piano part at the beginning could have more harmonic fat.

0:9: awkward leap from D4 to G5

There are some unnecessary major second intervals in the string parts. In addition, I noticed some potentially unintended dissonanced. The ending chord is separated from the rest of the piece, which it prlbably shouldn't be.

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