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String Trio in D Minor


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m. 6 - leap in cello.
m. 9 - awkward i vs. vii sub chord 
m. 14 - transitory half step is a neat effect, but doesn't resolve in a way that makes use of it, making it just sound like a wrong note.
m. 17 - viola doesn't really need to drop out.
m. 20 - don't leave a tonic holding with the third of a V chord only.
m. 25 - 28 - weird to have so much unison at this slow tempo.
m. 29 - 32 - awkward little phrase that doesn't achieve much.
m. 38 - leap in cello.
m. 40 - same problem as before.
m. 43 - leap in all voices.

In general, I think the slow tempo hinders this. I get it's supposed to be like a crawling from the deep kind of thing, but there a lot of parts were you lose the intensity of what you've written because of it. It has really good ideas (the mode mixture in your main motif is wonderful) but I think could probably have some more resolution overall.

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