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Piano Concerto Attempt

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Hi Everyone,

I have started writing this piano work including a Piano solo and the string orchestra. I think I have introduced some themes into it, but are the themes insufficiently developed? Most of the time I tend to end a theme too quickly (maybe?) and start another, causing poor connection between them. (For example, mm. 29-30, 69-71, 89-90, 95-96 are such transitions) I don't have much knowledge about "bridging" motives, so I sincerely ask for some suggestions for it.

Is the harmony good too? 

Any other comments are appreciated:D Thank you!



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My suggestion is leaving it as it is. I know there'll be, probably, opposite opinions. Of course the end is abrupt, but I suppose it is in development.

I like the storm you make with many ideas and if the changes were smooth, I don't know if it would be less fresh. The percussive (and vertical) treatment of the piano, which is integrated in the string orchestra (no more no less) is the motive that unifies the whole. In this sense, I would try to change this patterns as a contrast. It's nice, but 15 minutes of percussive piano would be too much.

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Thank you for the comments! Yes, the work is still in progress and I have continued writing these 2 days. Initially, I was afraid of the addition of "connection" would lead to the loss of momentum, so as you have mentioned, I just keep adding new ideas instead of developing every motive too much. Glad to see it works! I added some melodic part also:)  

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