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Not posted here before, but seems like the sort of place I might get useful feedback.  I've been composing in a few different styles for quite a while, but this seems to be the most genuine sort of sound for me at the moment.  I'm not sure I can justly call it 'chamber music' so any better category suggestion would be welcomed!


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46 minutes ago, Luis Hernández said:

I like it very much. This is like a modern lieder. Good balance: the voice just enters in a while to say something. 2:20... good climax.


Thanks for listening!  'Modern lieder' is a category I hadn't though of, but it's a good one.  Just before recording this we were warming up with some Schumann songs, so there must be some connection.

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3 hours ago, Sepharite said:

This is very relaxing and serene. It feels like I'm floating on clouds. I love the instrumentation. Did you play all the instruments and over dubbed?


Nice, thank you!  Yes, everything's recorded separately, the cello parts are improvised.  My brother plays one of the cello parts, I play the rest.

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