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I always wanted to compose a sonata of my own,

and now that I got the basic knowledge of how to use the orchestra, the timing feels right.

However, I don't know if the ideas I chose are good, and I don't want to finish writing it, look back and think: "why the hell did I choose these ideas".

Also, my brain works in minor (by that I mean that composing in major never really worked for me) so I don't know if theme 2 is good or not.


Opinions, please!

Thanks in advance :PIdeas for my first sonata.pdf

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It's just that I want to have a big musical achivement that I can be proud of, so I thought for myself "hey, symphony is a great well respected thing, and I can learn through work how to use the orchestra well".

When I looked for the common symphony structure on the internet, I saw somewhere that the first movement should be a sonata, so I looked for the common sonata stracture.

The question is- do you think these themes are different enough to give me a big variaty of things to do in the development? And are they okay musicaly (melody harmony etc.)?


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