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Prelude in C Major with canonic flavour

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In my ongoing project of composing six small preludes, this one was very difficult to write for me  and I am not very satisfied with the result.

Basically, it is a canon from measures 1-11 with the upper voice leading, and and then a canon from measures 12-30 with the lower voice leading. M. 1-6 and 12-17 are virtually identical with the voices just exchanged and once in the tonic, then in the dominant (double counterpoint). The tonal plan is C Major -> G Major -> e minor -> G Major -> C Major. Very simple, but it was a new experience for me to change keys in a canon. I wanted to compose it with a hint of moto perpetuo movements, but this didn’t work out. So, without further ado, the prelude in its current state:



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I think this sound nice :)  You say that you found this difficult, the first thing that I noticed in this piece was the harmonic rhythm. Have you thought about that? 

When you write an in the baroque style, the harmonic rhythm is everything. Themes are bound by the harmonic rhythm. In this case your harmonic rhythm is not enough grounded, and that is why its hard to write. When writing a baroque theme, you need to think the entire structure at once, the rhythm, and the harmonies. If  you do this, it will be easy to write good counterpoint :)

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