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Prelude in C Major with canonic flavour

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In my ongoing project of composing six small preludes, this one was very difficult to write for me  and I am not very satisfied with the result.

Basically, it is a canon from measures 1-11 with the upper voice leading, and and then a canon from measures 12-30 with the lower voice leading. M. 1-6 and 12-17 are virtually identical with the voices just exchanged and once in the tonic, then in the dominant (double counterpoint). The tonal plan is C Major -> G Major -> e minor -> G Major -> C Major. Very simple, but it was a new experience for me to change keys in a canon. I wanted to compose it with a hint of moto perpetuo movements, but this didn’t work out. So, without further ado, the prelude in its current state:



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Well, I think it's very interesting and well constructed. And nice.

I only miss some "breaks". Surely you wrote cadences but the feeling is it never stops (till the end).

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