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Carols (just for fun)

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Christmas is coming... Just for fun I took some traditional melodies, some of them from Spain, and did something with them:


CAMPANA SOBRE CAMPANA Partitura completa.pdf

Hacia Belén va una Burra Partitura completa.pdf

FUN FUN FUN Partitura completa.pdf

NOCHE DE PAZ Partitura completa.pdf



Hacia Belén va una Burra - Hacia Belén va una burra rin-rin (fuga).mp3




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Nice idea to work with some Christmas carols!

Regarding your first piece, let me comment. Generally,  I wouldn't call this a fugue, as it doesn't follow its method; it is more akin to an instrumental chorale (or chorale fantasia), which feature imitative texture as well, but whose main concern is presenting the chorale's melody. 

It is interesting that you use the subdominant for the comes, but it leads in harmonically strange waters in m. 16ff : A tritone in m. 17, as a diminished chord is featured in root position; followed by a dominant seventh and then a mediant sixth chord, which is unexpected and a bit odd, given the prevailing style. And then, in m. 19, again the tritone, topped by a diminished seventh chord in root position in m. 20.

The semiquavers in m. 62 could be better prepared from the pacing; same seems true for the semiquavers in m. 85ff

I am short on time and will leave it at that, though there were some other things to be noted.

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Don't get me wrong: I noted those things not because "of the rules" , but because after listening to it, I wanted to identify those passages that sounded strange to me and find out why. The same with the name: Anybody can call a cat a dog, fine, but then people will feel strange when they come looking for the dog, and all they find is a cat. But please don't be deterred by my comments, I just wanted to give some feedback. 

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Two further comments: Funny what you did to “Silent Night". A the waltz segment is especially effective in hiding the original feeling and mood without completely submerging it. I enjoyed it very much. a 

And “Fun Fun Fun" is short, but really well done and makes one listen for the a - g# - a expression. 

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