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A little selection of my tracks

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Blue Horzion sounded nice (I'm talking about the sound quality and mixing, well done) the repetitive piano was hard to listen though, at least for me.

Could be good for a minute, maybe even a minute and a half, but its almost four minutes. I suggest you change it at some point.

It's not your fault that you think of repetitive piano chords when thinking about scifi soundtracks, that's the problem when you let the Hans Zimmers into scifi industry.

I also wouldn't define it the Williams way.

I guess that scifi music should be... different kinds of ambient sounds, maybe some tonal electronics, not repetitive ones though.

Remember that it's only my opinion on the issue, you really don't have to listen to what I say.

And overall it's a nice work, my only problem is this piano melody.


Lost in Depth is better in my opinion. Had this nice piraty sound and the sounds are great here as well. I wonder what libraries do you use.

I think that the name doesn't fit though (the piece sounds more like a nice adventure rather than ships remains in the depths of the ocean), you should think about changing the pieces name. 


Mirage is definitly the best of them (at least thats what I think). It sounds great like the other ones, and I think it could fit as a soundtrack for something.

Why did you do that thing at the end of the piece? it was nice and calm and epic and then you entered these kicks and electronics. I guess you just tried to close the climax.

In my opinion it ruined the piece, I don't think there's a place for this kind of things in emotional pieces.

Again, it's just my opinion, don't take it too hard.


I hope that was helpful.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time! You heard all this things that I don't like as well in my tracks after I listened them again.


I guess you just tried to close the climax

Right, I wasn't happy with that. But at the end of a long production phase I'm often impatient :D

There I have to improve myself.


I think you have a very good grisp in music. Thanks for your time, it was definitive helpful!

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Listened to Blue Horizon, it's beautiful but I do agree Rabbi that it does get repetitive in the piano section. The layering of instruments, especially when the strings came in, was powerful and really brought out the emotion of the piece -- I'm a sucker for these type of music. Great work! 

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