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Dream Sown

"Angels & Earths" ...feel free to listen!

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Hi everyone!!!

This was one of my first works i 've done in the past few years and i would be very happy to share it with you. A dedication to all of you!

There are two parts: the first one, from 00:00 sec to 03:44 sec & the second part from 03:44 sec to the end of this track. This part (the second) took me over 3 months  to find the right notes of this -orchestral strings- melodic uplift. This music includes Chorals, vocals, orchestral strings, piano and xylophones.


This track is relative to the art of the album cover. I would like to say that " It is a dedication to people & inspiration of people who act by making good things selflessly!!!

Feel free to listen & to comment if there is something you found that doesn't sounds good enough :) Thank you !!!

With love -Dream Sown-

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Wonderful music!

The only comment I can give you is that I would like to hear a more real sounding choir.
Like Ilv said, there is a fine balance between repetition and variations. For instance, the claves add so much more depth to the music.
Great decision to add them!

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Thank you @Maarten Bauer i apreciate your opinion. It is nice  for me to hear /share & communicate  and say thoughts and advices as every one who tries to create music. I found many users/composers in this forum that do awesome works. I wish everyone to find his/her way on music or art, or what ever is important. Music of course is a big need for us to create. 

About the more real sounding choir, i unfortunatelly dont have the most proffesional plug-ins. And i have not such a good voice to record my self 😐😀🎤🔇.

This piece written about 2002 with an old program, game/program "music 2000" on pc. About 4 year ago i tried to remake it on a new and stronger laptop with another new & proffesional music software.  The vocals... that was the big problem from the beggining... You can hear the male choir, it is a new  plug in (vst) but in the middle of the track a female vocal takes place... i have kept this, just to remember how  & when i started from so many year ago... i cant find free vst plugins but i will buy later and in the next few years when a second chapter of "Dribbles" will be done i will remake that music again 😀. I hope for this... i really want it.  The second part made few last years ago when i thought to give an uplifting way ta all this. Thank you too, and everyone for giving time to hear & to write some impressions!  ☺ 

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