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A Korean Celebration (Sonata No.1)

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This is my first attempt at a piano sonata. I used a very loose sonata form to encourage experimentation with the motifs and other themes. This is also a birthday gift to my parents, whose birthdays are both in March.

I. Celebration at the Festival (Variation of the Arirang theme with excitement and joy) (0:00)
II. Snow Divination (Calm and soothing (like snow falling from the skies) and then with passion) (2:02)
III. Dance of Vitality (Quick melodies and a feeling of vigor) (4:58)

Movement III is the one that I experimented with the most.


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I think that you should take the F# C# scale change one bar backward.


also this



Other than that... it sounds like you really love your parents, 

I think that your piece sounds wonderful and that they'd be happy and proud when you'll let them listen.

Keep up the good work.




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I love the tune at the beginning, very sweet. I feel you need some more change of keys to keep the freshness (F#major, or C..), also its a bit of shame that the tune is often lost because of the mechanical playback (Sibelius?), I know its a lot of work but it would improve vastly if you can actually play it in bit by bit with your expression. I personally use Pianoteq and Reaper, which are both free. Btw are you familiar with the Final Fantasy Piano Collections of Nobuo Uematsu?

Thanks Skylighter.

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